Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Serf's Up!

Freedom... it's so yesteryear! It's out of style, man. It's like... not happenin', dude. Catch my drift?

Now Serfdom... that's a lifestyle I can get into. It's hip, it's trendy, it's vogue, it's the "in thing" man!

Break out the credit cards. It's time to max out! There is so much Chinese made crap out there that I really don't need but I just have to have.

I need a new car! Can you get my payment down to $200/month? Sure, I don't mind financing it for 10 years. Just get my payment right Mr. Salesman!

I want a big house with built-in everything, home theater with the biggest 3D TV I can possibly charge on credit, the finest furniture, everything nice! Set me up with an adjustable rate mortgage, Mr. Salesman. Make my payment fit my salary now. I'm sure I'll get a raise at my job before the mortgage adjusts in 3 years. Property taxes? Who cares, just roll that escrow into my payment and make it fit.

I need a vacation! All these bills coming due, I just can't handle the stress. Honey, let's book a trip to the Bahamas. We still have plenty of credit left on the MasterCard. Besides, we will accrue a lot of travel miles we can use for another vacation later. It will do us good to spend some time with the kids. I don't see them much now that I have been working a lot of overtime. Sure hope I get a raise soon.

Honey, why was the grocery bill twice as much this month as last month? We can't afford to buy all this food, we have bills to pay, woman! Let's start a garden. Oh, we have to get a license to put in a garden? How much is that?

Honey, I had to reduce our health care coverage. The premiums have almost doubled since last year and we just don't have the money to pay for it. I really hope I get a raise this year.

Honey, why is the vehicle inspection so high this year? The new cap-and-trade law requires a minimum carbon tax based on fuel efficiency? But our new cross-over get's 23 miles to the gallon. Oh, 35 mpg is the minimum for exemption? But we have 4 kids. What car big enough to hold 6 people can possibly get 35 mpg?

Honey, I just found out that they are laying off more people at the office, no raises again this year and Christmas bonuses are being canceled. There's not enough money in our account to pay all the bills this month. The rate on our mortgage has just adjusted 5% higher. What are we going to do?

All we like sheeple have been led astray. To live like kings for a brief moment, we have sold ourselves as serfs to a system of governance that grows ever larger and ever more hungry for the fruits of our labor and the freedoms we need to maximize those fruits.

Time to starve the beast before the beast starves you!

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