Thursday, December 23, 2010

EPA Power Grab in Texas

I personally consider the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be an out of control, power hungry agency of the Federal government that is bent on violating the US Constitution at every available opportunity.

In yet another power grab, the EPA tells Texas to go shove your 10th Amendment rights where the sun doesn't shine...

"The unwillingness of Texas state officials to implement this portion of the federal program leaves EPA no choice but to resume its role as a Clean Air Act permitting authority in the state."

Read the full article: EPA takes over Texas pollution permits

The EPA will not stop until they have complete and utter control over every single citizen. You won't be able to sneeze without a permit from the EPA if this power grab continues unabated.

The EPA is a job destroying, wealth consuming, freedom robbing juggernaut that must be stopped!

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