Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garbage Police? Are you kidding me?

It appears that even the freedom to toss your garbage the way you prefer is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Especially if you are living in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • In 2011 some 25,000 households will be required to use recycling bins fitted with radio-frequency identification tags (RFIDs) -- tiny computer chips that can remotely provide information such as the weight of the bin's contents and that allow passing garbage trucks to verify their presence.
  • If a household does not put its recycle bin out on the curb, an inspector could check its garbage for improperly discarded recyclables and fine the scofflaws $100.
  • Moreover, if a bin is put out in a tardy manner or left out too long, the household could be fined.
  • Cleveland plans to implement the system citywide within six years.

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Is this about forcing people to be "green" or is it really about finding new sources of revenue for municipalities that are running low on tax income while faced with ever increasing budgets deficits from out-of-control spending?

To me it is just a vicious cycle of governments at every level grabbing more power from the populace while simultaneously producing more dependence on that government by the populace.

If this trend continues, look for ever more intrusive policies to invade your life.

How about a toilet that records your flushing habits and sends them to the local water usage inspector?

Why stop there? Let's go ahead and add a fecal monitor to that toilet so big brother can detect how much sugar, fat, and fiber you have in your diet? And while we are at it, let's share that information with your health care provider and increase your mandated health insurance premiums if we detect that your turds are in violation of your doctor's diet recommendations.

Sound ridiculous? I'm sure the idea of monitoring a person's garbage would have sounded absurd 20 years ago.

So how long before more of the freedom robbing nonsensical becomes reality? And what will you do in response?


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