Thursday, March 24, 2011

Korea Buys 96,000 acres of Texas

A lowly worker, bereft of much wealth, I find the purchase of a mere 20 acres in Texas to be illusive, at least by means other than enslavement to debt, and much to my consternation, a foreign country sweeps in and consumes nearly 50,000 times as much in a single land grab. And even more diconcerting is the reason behind such an acquisition...

The purchase of 80,000 acres is located in the Eagle Ford Shale section, which is believed to have rich deposits of oil, natural gas and liquids...

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Does this bother anyone?

Does it at least distract from the daily frivolities of Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and Justin Bieber?

Or, perhaps, all we sheeple have become so apathetic to events unfolding around us, that nothing shy of cataclysmic would penetrate the indifference of our mundane existences.

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