Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TSA Coverage Too Late

It was the subject of TSA's body scanner/pat-downs that prompted me to start this blog with my initial post Don't Touch My Junk.

However, when the main stream media gives so much coverage to a single topic, you should become suspicious. Over the past few days I have been gathering bits and pieces of the untold story that has been unfolding for years now. Ever since the TSA was born into existence in 2003 when the Patriot Act was passed by the Bush administration, they have been practicing unconstitutional acts against American citizens.

In fact, the media was utterly silent several months ago when the body scanners could have been prevented due to concerns of health risks. One blogger sums this up nicely...

The corporate media could have blown the whistle on countless credible experts expressing their concerns about the health risks surrounding the use of these body scanning devices months ago. They could have also revealed that people like George Soros and Michael Chertoff have benefited greatly from the TSA's purchase of these body scanning devices through their involvement in Rapiscan a corporation responsible for creating these devices. Of course, instead of trying to provide legitimate coverage when we actually had a chance of preventing these devices from being installed in airports, we saw next to nothing on the subject from the talking heads on cable news or on the nightly news broadcasts.
The full post is well worth the read:

There is no way the body scanners are going away, no matter how much people protest. The amount of money already spent on these devices precludes them ever being done away with.

So, why is the main stream media now giving so much coverage to this subject? My opinion is that big corporations which own and control the main stream media outlets are using this as a diversion tactic to remove the attention of the populace from other more important news. News that is receiving little to no coverage now, may also receive excess coverage once there is nothing that anyone can do to reverse the damage.

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